Manage Your Fonts With These Free Apps

by James Malin
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If you’re a common web designer or developer, custom software developers you probably have a vast collection of fonts. A large selection of fonts can make finding the perfect font for your project a grueling effort similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

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However, there are several free apps which can help you locate, categorize, tag, preview, and install/uninstall your fonts. This article will provide 10 free apps that will assist you in managing your font collection.


myFontbook is a free web application that lets you organize your fonts you have installed. It allows you to label fonts by keywords and allows you to evaluate them quickly. This allows you to easily find your favorite fonts. It also has a window for previewing fonts to help you choose the best fonts.

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– You can organize your fonts using tags and your personal favorites
Metrics provide insight into the line height and letterspacing of the font
The preview of body text lets you view the font in real time.
– Proof sheet makes it easy to print previews of fonts
– Being a webapp means that it is able to be used on any operating system

Font Book (Mac)

Font Book is pre-installed on Apple computers. It’s an excellent tool for font management if your Mac comes with one. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, a trademark of Mac apps, and it comes with amazing features for organizing fonts and fonts.

– Organize, install, remove, and search your font collection in one interface
– Sorts fonts by categories (i.e. Modern, Traditional Web, etc.))
– Create custom categories to categorize font collections
Standard with Macs No installation is required

Fontmatrix (Windows/Linux)

Fontmatrix is an open source font management tool designed for Linux users. However, it has been updated to be compatible with Windows OS users. It’s a fantastic tool for managing fonts for power users, and is well suitable for developers who take advantage of the script console to enhance and customize the application.

Tagging feature makes organizing simpler
Script console allows you to modify and expand the functionality of the application.
The interface is simple
– Displays meta information about fonts, such as designer, copyright info and so on.

Font Picker (Windows/Mac/Linux/Web Browser)

Font Picker is a free Adobe AIR desktop application that lets you manage and browse your collection of fonts. It is easy to use and works on all operating systems that is compatible with the Adobe AIR framework. It also comes with an online version that will scan your system for fonts that are installed.

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The ability to highlight fonts and make them favorites
– Remove fonts you don’t like
– Simple and straightforward

sFont (Windows)

sFont, an Windows software for managing fonts is free and comes with an easy-to-use interface. You can organize your font collection by marking certain fonts as favorites. Find them quickly TrueType and non-TrueType fonts with the Filter feature. You can look over your fonts in a variety of ways, including the possibility to alter the background and foreground colors.

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– Add fonts and icons to a page of favorites
Charmap view shows you an image of a matrix that shows the characters of a font
– You can customize colors for fonts to display in various colours
– Filter feature lets you pick out TrueType and non-TrueType fonts

FindThatFont! (Windows/Linux)

FindThatFont is a tool for free that allows you to preview and categorize all fonts within your system. The application provides 30 categories to organize fonts. Extension manager is an extensibility tool that developers can utilize to customize FindThatFont! operates.

– Tag your fonts within one or more of these 30 categories
– Created using the XUL language, similar to Firefox or Thunderbird
Extension manager allows developers to modify and expand the tool.

Fonts++ (Windows).

FontsPlus is designed for Windows PC users who have multiple fonts installed. You can disable any unneeded fonts to ensure that you don’t need to view your entire collection when viewing your fonts. This application can also be used to install/uninstall fonts, instead of the traditional Windows method

You can deactivate or activate fonts to help you navigate your collection
– Install/uninstall TrueType fonts quickly
– Very tiny footprint

Cfont Pro (Windows)

Cfont Pro lets you preview fonts before you install the fonts. This is useful if you have fonts on an external hard drive or another portable media device. You can also print proof sheets for a quick review of fonts. The property viewer displays an abundance of information regarding your fonts.

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Proof sheets allow you to print out previews of fonts
Property viewer lets you display meta data about fonts
The Character Magnifier allows you to zoom in and out to inspect font characters

Font Xplorer (Windows)

Font Xplorer is a popular freeware desktop application to manage your collection of fonts. It also comes with a filtering function that allows users to narrow down particular font types. Unfortunately, it does not support Adobe Type 1, OpenType fonts that have PostScript outlines, which may be a problem for some designers.

Notable features

Browse the installed and uninstalled fonts
Print sheets can be used to print fonts using one of the templates in the apps
Comprehensive information about fonts is displayed.
Font Repair Wizard allows you to repair font files

The AMP Font Viewer (Windows).

AMP Font Viewer is a user-friendly but powerful font management tool for Windows. It supports a wide range of font formats, including TrueType, OpenType, Type1 and OpenType. It allows you to easily install several fonts and also removing the fonts you have installed. You can categorize your font collection in various ways to assist you in managing your vast collection.

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