Amazon Connect Integrations & Features

By: James Malin
Feb 10, 2020

Amazon Connect Features and Integrations

We set up our own internet telephony system at Diverse Programmers LLC using Amazon Connect and have successfully integrated with Zoho CRM.

An internet telephony or VOIP (voice over IP) system is similar to traditional telephony systems (telephone, fax, voicemail, etc.), other than the data is transferred over the internet as opposed to a landline.

These internet telephony or VOIP systems can be an effective way of integrating other technologies into the call flow, such as a CRM (customer relationship management), call menu, call routing, interactive voice applications, appointment bots, etc.

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Table of Contents

  1. Inbound
  2. Outbound
  3. Examples
  4. Conclusion


Amazon Web Services does start you out with a handful of helpful call flows, still, it does take some time to set up the initial call flows, numbers, etc. If you are just looking to set up an inbound call menu the options within Amazon Connect are plentiful.


Just like inbound and most of the other services from Amazon Web Services, you can programmatically tune your call flows.

How can I programmatically tune my Amazon Connect call flow?

You can use Lambda functions, Lex, Polly, RDS, DynamoDB, etc. to integrate other solutions into your Amazon Connect call flows. With these options in mind, customers create interactive voice applications, bots, dynamic call routing, account creation/lookups, etc.

While we use Amazon Connect internally for our call center system, we have also helped our customers set up more complex systems and integrations.


Dynamic Call Routing

At Diverse Programmers LLC and many of the call centers we have worked with, we make sure to incorporate dynamic call routing.

What is dynamic call routing you ask?

Let's say you have a customer in downtown Denver and their phone number is a 303 number. Studies have shown that that recipient of the call is more likely to answer the phone if the caller is from a local area code. We can set specific numbers for states, regions, and area codes to route to a number. This is also great for specifying sales territories, or targeting specific numbers at different times of the day.

CRM Integration

While dynamic outbound call routing is a must have, integrating with your CRM is the cherry on top. Some of the bigger company integrations exist for Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Perficient, Kustomer, ServiceNow, ZenDesk to name a few. An updated list can be found on Amazon Web Services here.

Amazon Lex Chatbot

If you take a look at the diagram below. You can see how we can set up an Amazon Lex chatbot for our telephony system that shares the same database used for our website.


This article has just uncovered the tip of the ice berg for what you can do with Amazon Connect. If you have questions about setting up your own Amazon Connect instance or want us to roll out a custom built and integrated solution for you, please send us a message or give us a call at 303-800-1808.