Amplify React Native Case Study

By: James Malin
Dec 19, 2020

AWS Amplify + React Native

This is written as a guide for both clients and experts on the AWS IQ platform. This is a brief overview of reasons to choose Amplify with React Native for your next project.

A customer was looking to build a mobile application for their business that consisted of low maintenance costs and a reliable infrastructure. They had been pitched several different options in the past and never settled on a technical plan because there were so many moving parts and options. They didn’t like the idea of paying for a server and having to scale it as they grew, managing users, payments, etc with multiple service providers.

When they were researching for a more modern solution they came across AWS Amplify. The full list of services they ended up researching included Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB. As they were reading about Amplify, they liked the idea of building a “serverless” mobile application. They wouldn’t have to manually scale their user database. They wouldn’t have to scale their doc store and so on. On top of all of that, they realized that these services all fall under Amazon’s free tier (for one full year)! What more could they possibly ask for? Now, they just needed to find an expert to assist in building a solution.

They searched through several sources and came across James Malin with Diverse Programmers, LLC. Since starting work with James and his team, they have now scaled to over 200 users and do not currently pay anything in infrastructure and maintenance costs. They have a sort of pay as you go plan for developing new features without the headache of hiring someone to scale up or down. They have the confidence they need to build out a truly low-cost platform for the future of their application. The rest is history, but here’s a sneak peak at a diagram of their infrastructure pictured above.

Imagine the possibilities. Head over to AWS Amplify to see a list of features available. No more separation of providers. No more hidden fees. Just simplicity at its best.

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