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The Introduction

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., a Fortune 1000 company, faced challenges in processing invoices efficiently within the APAC region. The company was on the lookout for a solution that could enhance accuracy, reduce costs, and maintain control over their document processing workflows. This case study outlines how Diverse Programmers leveraged AI fine-tuning to revamp Bio-Rad's invoice processing system, yielding meaningful cost savings and operational improvements.

The Challenge

Despite having a licensed solution for document processing, Bio-Rad encountered several issues:

  • High operational costs due to extensive manual verification of invoices
  • Loss of invoices in transit, resulting in a lack of visibility and control
  • An out-of-the-box solution that lacked the precision needed for their diverse invoice formats

The goal was to find a more cost-effective, accurate, and reliable solution that could be integrated into Bio-Rad's existing systems.

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The Solution

Diverse Programmers conducted a comprehensive analysis of available ML/AI services from top providers like GCP, Azure, AWS, and a few other providers. After testing these services, a decision was made to select one that, while effective out-of-the-box, required fine-tuning to meet the specific needs of Bio-Rad's invoice processing in the APAC region.

The fine-tuning process involved:

  • Enhancing the chosen service's accuracy for invoice data extraction, tailored to regional nuances
  • Developing a robust API that allowed seamless integration with Bio-Rad's SAP system
  • Implementing a solution to replace the existing licensed service, reducing dependency on human resources for verification
Adam Belanouane
Data Analyst
GNO International
The platform has launched and boosted the client’s sales by 10%, leading to more work for Diverse Programmers, LLC. The team delivers high-quality, reliable work in a timely manner. Their willingness to walk through their work and train the client on the platform stands out.

The Result

The fine-tuning and implementation of the new AI-powered solution led to meaningful outcomes:

  • Currently rolled out in the APAC region and soon to roll out in the US and EU. Followed by plans to rollout globally which will lead to meaningful cost savings
  • Increased accuracy in invoice processing, with efficiency improvements
  • Full in-house control over the email processing and invoice management, providing complete visibility and reducing the risk of document loss

Additionally, Bio-Rad now benefits from a custom dashboard integrated with SAP, enabling real-time tracking and management of invoice processing. Bio-Rad and Diverse Programmers continue to monitor performance and future plans for improvements as we rollout to additional regions.

The Next Steps

Buoyed by the success in the APAC region, Bio-Rad plans to extend the fine-tuned AI solution to the US and EU regions. Diverse Programmers is set to continue their partnership with Bio-Rad, further refining the AI solution to accommodate the unique requirements of these new markets.

The Conclusion

The collaboration between Bio-Rad and Diverse Programmers exemplifies the power of specialized AI fine-tuning in solving complex business challenges. By customizing and integrating advanced AI solutions, Bio-Rad has not only achieved cost savings but has also gained operational control of their invoice processing workflow.

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