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About iFish

iFish is anticipating to be the world's best fishing app. Soon to be leaving Alpha/Beta Testing and onto the Apple & Google app stores with an audience that has been built up in anticipation for this amazing app. Fishing enthusiasts will want to download this app to experience that adventures that await with the fishing charter you choose to set sail with!

The Challenge

iFish needed a mobile application developed to bring a newer concept to the area with a goal to expand across the US (maybe further!).

Allowing users to purchase their tickets for charter trips was the key focus. Captains can set up their trips and message with the passengers after they book.

They needed a solid infrastructure that would be built to scale from the start and also wouldn't have high maintenance costs.

project image
project image

The solution

We went with AWS to host our infrastructure and backend like the database, users, etc. React Native was used for the iOS and Android apps to use one code base and less changes for code needed between the two apps.

We decided the infrastructure would be serverless for scalability and could take advantage of AWS’ free tier for a year.

We decided the infrastructure would be serverless. Using services from AWS such as Amplify, API Gateway, S3, CloudFront, DynamoDB, Cognito, and Lambda. We also integrated Stripe for the payment gateway.

React Native was used for the iOS and Android apps to use one code base and less changes for code needed between the two apps.

To be released live soon in Louisiana!

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